So it has been seven months since Curious Nut was in hiatus and it is with good reason.

I was on board a plane heading to the North Pole when my plane crashed in what appeared to be the Amazon jungle. I survived the crash and was saved by the layers of down coat I wrapped myself in. As a survivor, I believed I had an obligation to explore the jungle to look for signs of civilization or to put it bluntly if I don’t, I’ll die. After many “I’m gonna die” sessions with myself, I came across a group of indigenous people. I exchanged my down coats with their desire to kill me. They were happy to be warm and I now have their desire to kill myself. They brought me back to their village. What was I getting myself into?

That night, a neighboring tribe came, raided their village and attempted to kidnap one of the local tribesman’s daughter. Without thinking, I started throwing tomatoes (my only food from the plane) at the leader trying to stop him. Apparently, he believed the tomatoes were causing him to bleed as they exploded on his skin at that speed. They ran away and as an appreciation for my bravery, the leader of the village gave me the highest honor which is the privilege of marrying their prized pet pig. That night, we prayed to the tomato Gods.

I wasn’t keen on being married to a hog so I decided to roast it and share the meat with all the locals. They thought it was the most delicious thing they’ve ever eaten but when they found out it was their prized pig, I was banished from their village forever. They wanted to kill me (again) but I had tomatoes in my hands. From that day on, it took me exactly seven months to find my way back to civilization. And here I am.

Not buying it? Would have been a great story though.

Fine. The truth is I broke my fingers and was in rehabilitation for seven months.


You want the boring story?

You ask for it.

Here goes.

I went back to my home country Malaysia for a month. Then for the next six months I traveled, packed, traveled, moved, flew across the world and tried to settled down. The last of the seven month hiatus was due to technical reasons. I didn’t have a computer to do photo editing since the old one was back in Taiwan. Absolutely the lamest excuse ever, I agree but it’s the ugly truth. No sweat though cause I just bought my new baby and now I’m pumped to get back to work.


PS: I did a little calculating and if I didn’t have ALL THAT time gap, I’d have had 65 new posts before November. That’s tomorrow! Eeep.. You would have been able to enjoy 65 glorious stories. So just to whip myself on the bottom, I’ve decided that I will make those 65 posts. It’s really no excuse for the gap… even worse a 7-month gap. 28 weeks. 112 days. God knows how many hours (you do the math). I’m ashamed. Embarrassed. How could I? Pfffttt…

So, I solemnly swear that for the few many months ahead, I will work on the extra 65 posts. Now let’s see how many exploding fruit stories can I conjure. Yes just accept it, tomato is a fruit.

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