You know how parents have always nagged their children to ‘GO OUT AND GET SOME FRESH AIR’. Well they should ban that phrase.

Look at the the air quality where I live.  


If I was 20 years younger, I’d have won this argument every single time. But then again, the air probably wouldn’t have been that bad then.

Nevertheless, if I cannot change the air quality where I live, I should just… move. Heh… *smiles meekly.

Most unlikely.

I probably should make a trip to waterfalls, mountains or forests. Yes….

No.. no.. I.need.something.more.practical. A botanical garden perhaps? A park? Ah, now we’re talking. Actually, I’m talking.

So there. I’m gonna drag you along to get some fresh air too. Breathe in peeps.


Yes. That’s right. Keep breathing.




 Sometimes, not only do we need to look forward… we must remember to look up.


And down.


So, go on. Get out and get some fresh air. (Indeed, the parents were right but they did fail to mention where to get fresh air) No, not at that newly built factory nor at that old nuclear power plant. Valleys or mountains or hills or seas or oceans or forests or jungles or waterfalls or lakes or rivers or … or …. a nice lil park with all its charms.

Where do you get your dose of fresh clean air?

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