A month ago, Mr. V and I decided rather impulsively that we’d spend an insane amount of money to watch Interstellar in IMAX. When I mean insane, I mean compared to what it would have cost us watching it in Malaysia instead. My heart was plenty fine with this decision, but not my logical mind. So, to ensure some form of sense of satisfaction, I had to not go to just any IMAX theatre, but the BIGGEST IMAX theatre in the world.

The TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Los Angeles.


When you walk towards the theatre, you’ll see a big building resembling a pagoda. Sitting among all the buildings on Hollywood Boulevard, the theatre definitely stands out. Some may even say it looks out of place. As you walk closer, you will notice concrete footprints and hand prints on the ground from as many as 200 Hollywood celebrities. In front of the entrance door to the theatre lies two guarding lions, one on each side. Apparently, they’re authentic from the Ming Dynasty. Above the door, there is a huge Chinese dragon vertically across the wall. My guess is that it’s probably there to ward off bad spirits.

The lobby, apart from the concession stand abundant in candy and popcorn, is filled with Oriental motif murals as well as bold red and gold colored columns. Once you step into the theatre, you will immediately sense the change in atmosphere as though you’ve just traveled through time and space… into China in the 1930s. The decor will be the cause of your throughout-the-entire-time-there jaw dropping and hair raising state. The seats and carpets lend a striking red against the darker art pieces on the walls. On the ceiling hangs a gorgeous chandelier which extends out to a circle of dragons surrounding it.

If you’ve watched Interstellar, you’d know the first scene of the movie. The entire theatre, seats and all shook and vibrated during that entire scene and similar scenes throughout the movie.

My logical mind was happy.

If you happen to find yourself in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Boulevard, be sure to visit the TCL Chinese Theatre. Watch a movie and be ravished by the dazzling interior. Even better, plan your trip around an IMAX movie screening time and be blown away.

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