Playback Jurassic Park 1993, driving through the gate scene, cue music. That was how it felt like driving in Taroko Gorge, situated in Hua Lien, Taiwan. The cliffs were close in proximity and magnificently high that you’d have to roll down your windows, stick your head out and look up to see the entire view.

Knowing how winding the road is going to be, I was apprehensive. But at every turn and corner is a dramatic and breathtaking scene that you just won’t have the time to focus on anything else. With its deep and narrow marble and granite canyon carved by the beautiful blue rushing Liwu river, it is truly a sight to behold.

No words can describe the spectacular views of Taroko Gorge so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Time flew by too quickly as dusk settles in. It made the scenes in Taroko Gorge even more dramatic than during the day.

Yet, pictures are only limited by the size of the lens it can capture, and some shots were even taken from the car. I suggest you drop everything right now and go visit this remarkable place, Taroko Gorge. 

PS: I would suggest going at a non peak season and start your day as early as you can. I spent 7 hours there and it still wasn’t sufficient.

Places we visited:

1. Baiyang Waterfalls Trail

2. Tunnel of Nine Turns

3. Swallow Grotto

4. Cimu Bridge (aka The Bridge of the Kind Mother)

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