Last year Mr, V devised a plan. “I’m taking you somewhere new”.  I skeptically said Ok. You see, Chiayi isn’t a big city. Not the very least bit. Google map and you’ll see that it looks like a size of a pea.

So we set out. We drove past the usual café and markets and shops, and the two malls in town. Note there are only two malls (Ok three) in the city. That’s how small this place is. As we drove on, the streets started to become unrecognizable.

“Are you lost?”

“You gonna sell me, aren’t ya?”

“Are we there yet?”

“See I knew you were lost!”

He wasn’t lost. He just chose to ignore my endless questions. I looked out the window. The scenery began to change. From buildings and concrete walls, the picture slowly turned to farmlands. Just as I was about to ask my ultimate question,  I saw them… my most favorite thing in the world.


A field of sunflowers.

And next to them, daisies. At least I think they were daisies. And next to that, more flowers. Yellow. White. Red. Orange. There were just fields after fields of flowers.

A yearly event that they named ‘Sea of flowers’. “We’ll come back next year”, I thought to myself.

And we did.

This time, we took a different route. We walked there. It was a long but interesting walk. We passed all sorts of farms, rustic looking huts and homes of farmers & plenty of other plantations.

Then, out of nowhere… I suddenly saw cotton candy.

Cotton candy? What the?! I looked far and wide. Where are the continuous fields of flowers? None. Ziltch. It was more like streams of flowers, nay, drips of flowers.

So, if there weren’t fields after fields of flowers, then what were there? Well, this.


And this. And this.

And this lil guy


Ok fine. We had flowers and they were beautiful. But like I said it was so… not ‘the sea’ at all.

I don’t deny it was a great event. There were art displays, music, food & games and a mini petting zoo. Most importantly, the locals got to showcase their products. What’s not to love? If only they had named it “I’m warning you there’s no sea of flowers!”

Maybe next year. Till then, I’ve got a cotton candy to finish.

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