As human beings, we perform insane things repetitively. Perhaps a little too often than we should.

We watch something go round and round and round and round…. like auto racing.

We watch 20 some grown men kick a small lil ball around from one side of the field to the other, back and forth, back and forth..

We drink, pee, drink, pee, drink, pee..  Ok, we can’t help this one.

We take a shower, work out and sweat, take a shower, poop, take a shower, dine in a restaurant that leaves a stench on our entire body, take a shower, football in rain and mud, take a shower, kid barfed on… oh for heaven’s sake.

With all that shower, it’s no wonder there is mineral buildup aka gunk on the shower head.


Unsightly, isn’t it?

Repetitive showers = repetitive cleaning. (If only math in school was this easy)

Since me = lazy, I had to find a lazy way to clean shower heads. Someone… or something had to do the dirty work for me.

Simple solution.


Since it’s acidic, it can cut through and break the deposits down better than I could.

So this was what I did.

Step 1: Place the shower head in a narrow container that is deep enough to be covered by vinegar.


Step 2Soak in undiluted vinegar.


*If your shower head is permanently fixed to the wall, put the vinegar in a plastic bag like this instead.


If you want to, you can lift the shower head off after 15 minutes and see that the deposits have already come off by itself. No scrubbing involved.


Step 3: 45 minutes later, take an old toothbrush and give it a light scrub to loosen remaining deposits. Rinse.


 And that is the lazy way to clean shower heads.

Let’s end with a before and after picture!


Quick Method

what you need:

container/plastic bag
old toothbrush


  1. Pour vinegar in a container and soak shower head in it for 45 minutes or until most deposits can come loose by itself. (Time depending on buildups as some are more than others)
  2. Rinse.

You can use this same batch of vinegar to clean multiple shower heads. If you still do not want to throw it away, you can use it to clean bathroom sinks, toilet bowls, and glass doors.

What do you clean the lazy way?

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