Hey there.

I’m Ai Ping.

Yup. That’s my first name. I’m often called Ai which really isn’t my name. It’s like calling John Jo. It’s wrong and weird. Don’t do it.

I’m 100% Malaysian but call Taiwan and the U.S. my home. Mr. V – the hubby, grew up in Taiwan. We lived most our married life in Taiwan and the U.S. Two years ago, we settled our butts here in the beautiful but ‘oh my god the traffic” Los Angeles.

I’m the epitome of “I live to eat”. Nothing makes me happier than a pack of Nasi Lemak and Fried Chicken…. and Chocolate Cake all day long.

I’m obsessed with Southeast Asian & East Asian food. So, expect to find a lot of that here. To me, its rich and bold flavors are unparalleled. Just the variety of street food alone is astonishing, what more hawker stalls, restaurants and home cooked food. Best part is, cooking ’em isn’t as hard as you think. I guarantee it will change your life.


I’m curious and I’m a nut. Not necessarily a good combination. Case in point.

It explains my bald patch smack in the middle of my head when life puts a vain 5 year old girl, a pair of scissors and a mirror together.
It explains all the scars on my body as living proofs of me wondering how much grip my shoes have climbing a construction cement tunnel or how fast my bike can go… downhill.

Curious Nut is a space where I indulge in my curiosity.. about EVERYTHING. I explore life and tell my story through the lens. And by life I mean cooking & eating, playing & eating and building new experiences & eating. Just a lot of eating, really.

More importantly, I hope to connect with you, be inspired by you & to discover life (and food) with you.

I appreciate you for dropping by. A big shout out to you.

Shoot me a message or drop me a comment. I’d like to hear from you.

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24 Responses

  1. Wei-Yann Chen

    Hallo Ai Ping! I was looking for a ayam masak merah recipe and found yours! Now I just need to get some serai and galangal to make it hehe. Like you, I’m a Malaysian living in LA as well! We are lucky to be able to find Asian ingredients easily hor. But no fresh durian 🙁 Anyway, Love your site, photos and style of writing 🙂 will come back for more!

  2. Richard Mascull

    Hi Ai Ping,

    I am a 50 yr old guy living downunder here in New Zealand. I am a big fan of asian food. Recently I visited my supplier in China and had a ball! We ate more food than ever before and came home and had lost weight!1

    You have a great website and have inspired me to cook your recipes.

    All the best and kind regards

    Richard 🙂

  3. Faye

    I am just an old American who loooooooves noodles of any kind. I will try some of your recipes and we have lots of Asian markets where I live. Although, I have not been in many, I should check it out. Thank you for all the good things to eat.

  4. Yvonne

    Hi AiPing,
    Stumbled upon your blog when I googled Nasi Lemak recipes. I am totally in love with your site and I’ve got it Pinned to try as many as I can.
    Like you I’m a Malaysian living here in the States, but much differently I live in Alabama now and Asian food grocers are rare. So I have to make do and be creative with substitutes here and there. Even made Laksa last weekend!

    Sorry this comment is getting long. Just got excited seeing your blog. Lots of love and hope to read more from you.

    • AiPing

      Hi Yvonne. I’m super happy you came and dropped me such a sweet message. It’s always great to connect with fellow Malaysians especially outside the country. I get what you mean about hard to find ingredients as I lived in Chicago (and a small town in Illinois) when I was studying there. But now that I’m in LA, it’s relatively easy to find ingredients (thank god!). I hope you enjoy testing out the recipes. Keep in touch and we can just talk about food all day long. 🙂 Now that you mentioned laksa, I’m totally craving a bowl now.

  5. Eddie

    I have been away for more than 40 years and I still believe S.E. Asian foods are one of the best.


      • Barbara

        Oh my goodness! I feel like I just stepped out of a restaurant! The peanut ginger dressing is like…ridiculously good! I wouldn’t change anything about it. It is fantastic. I can’t believe I did it myself 😀 Thanks so much for this great recipe! And my husband thanks you too😉

      • AiPing

        Hi Barbara!

        That is a great compliment. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the dressing. It’s one of my favs too!

  6. Dalia

    Hi Ai Ping, thanks for passing by my blog, thought I would come and sneek into yours 🙂 Wow I love your blog and your recipes. and your photos and everything. We have quiet a few things in common, curiosity and food. Can’t wait to try one of your recipes out. Cheers!

  7. Lilly

    Surprised to find the photo of “Ngon Jim fuon” &subsequently opened the pin. Enjoyed your comments as a bonus.

  8. Josephine

    Hi Ai Ping, a shoutout to a fellow blogger Malaysian. Like you, im also living abroad in Melbourne. Missing all the Malaysian food – i know what you mean when you say nasi lemak at heart eapecially those banana leaf 50cents nasi leamk with killer sambal. Love the photography and writing. Keep it up!

    • AiPing
      Ai Ping

      Hey to you too! Only those that have left the country will truly know how it feels like to be away from the food. Aaaaahhh. And yes to the 50 cents nasi lemak packets with the best sambal. Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. I went over to burpappetit too and it looks super sleek and clean. I love it. Love the recipes and photography too of course.

  9. Petra

    Hi Ai Ping,
    Your blog is very entertaining. I just returned from a wonderful trip to Borneo and Singapore. So I was looking for a Teh Tarik recipe. I am glad, I found your blog.
    I am also a storyteller and I really like the stories you are telling with your recipes. They are well written and your photos are fantastic.
    Great job!
    I will check out your recipes. All the meals look very yummy, is there any Laksa recipe? That’s my favorite dish.
    All the best

    • AiPing
      Ai Ping

      Hey Petra. Thank you for your kinds words. I appreciate it very much. I’m sure you had a wonderful time in Borneo And Singapore. Did you go to Malaysia by any chance? As for Laksa recipes, I only have one up right now. You can search for ‘Asam Laksa’. This is the fish based sourish spicy version. I’ve yet posted Curry Laksa or other types of Laksa. Hopefully soon. Thanks again for popping by and saying hi.


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